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McCoy Design Novo Las Olas

Novo Las Olas

Novo Las Olas is a modern luxury apartment complex with plenty of desirable amenities, including an onsite market and easy access to all downtown Ft. Lauderdale offers. Novo Las Olas engaged us to design unit signs for the apartments and address wayfinding in its parking garage.


The distinctive style of the complex required design-forward signage that would support the overall aesthetic without competing with the colorful, modern style. The parking garage presents a specific retail-meets-residential wayfinding challenge, as it is used by several user groups: Novo residents, their guests, and market customers.


We designed unique unit signs to match the building’s edgy interior look, using the circular shape from its logo to extend the brand throughout the resident and guest experience. We thoroughly signed the parking garage to ensure an easy user experience and coordinated with the market’s team to make the site and lower garage a shared space that’s efficient for all user groups.

McCoy Design Novo Las Olas
McCoy Design Novo Las Olas

We put the finishing touches on a modern luxury residential brand while considering the wayfinding needs of retail customers.

McCoy Design Novo Las Olas
McCoy Design Novo Las Olas
McCoy Design Novo Las Olas



Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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