Nashville, Tennessee

The McCoy Design team was approached by the Project Architect to assist with placemaking for William Morris Endeavor’s (WME) new corporate office location in Nashville, Tennessee. Tasked with branding the space and establishing a welcoming atmosphere for the agency’s artists, music executives, and staff, the reception lobby boasts nearly 900 strings of individually-suspended drumsticks which integrate with drop-pendant LEDs to compose a 10' wide, one-of-a-kind chandelier. This hand-threaded work of art is paired with an abstracted custom guitar graphic on the wall beyond, adding depth and contrast to the drumsticks, each of which bears the signature of a WME team member, or a representative of the design, fabrication and construction team. On the floor below, nearly 200 hand-selected plates and saucers adorn the company’s cafe wall and gathering space. Additional contributions include “neighborhood signage” and wall graphics for common lounge areas, directional and room designation graphics as well as various coffee table artifacts and wall art throughout.